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Federal Civil Litigation
Federal Civil Litigation involves civil cases that are in the United States District Court. In Georgia, we have three districts: Northern, Middle, and Southern Districts. The first type of jurisdiction over these cases is because all the parties on one side are citizens of States different from the States of the citizens on the other side. This is called diversity of citizenship jurisdiction. The other type of jurisdiction for a civil case in federal court is when the case has been brought under a federal statute allowing a civil suit, which is called federal question jurisdiction. Mr. Eastwood has handled hundreds of cases in federal district court, for both plaintiffs and defendants depending on the type of case.

The experience and knowledge involved by our office in these cases is shown by the fact that we have over eighty (80) published opinions in federal cases. It is noteworthy that the court decides which cases are published because the courts decide which cases involve interesting or unique issues of law that will be instructive or illustrative for lawyers and courts. This is a level of experience and legal knowledge that is uncommon in the legal community.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I live in Georgia and the lawsuit is against somebody in South Carolina, is that enough for a federal civil case?
A: No. Assuming the case is not under a federal statute, diversity of citizenship jurisdiction still requires the amount involved to be in excess of $75,000. If your case is for an amount less than that, the federal court will dismiss the case, and your case will need to be filed in state court.

Q: What if I file my case in state court against a defendant from another state, even though the amount involved is over $75,000?
A: The defendant could remove the case to federal court under a special statute providing that out of state defendants can remove cases in this circumstance.

Q: What if a federal employee, while driving a government car on business, has a wreck and injures me? Can I sue in state court?
A: Yes. However, if the federal driver turns the case into his federal agency, and if they certify to the US Department of Justice that he was in the course and scope of his employment (which they usually do), the United States Attorney will remove the case to Federal District Court under Federal Question Removal Statute.

Q: Why would I need a lawyer experienced in Federal cases just because the case is in Federal Court?
A: There are different rules and procedures in Federal Court, which can be strictly applied. If the lawyer that filed the court in state court is not familiar with federal procedures, but the case is removed, he or she may or may not be familiar with all the time deadlines for filing different types of reports, rules regarding discovery in Federal Court, and other matters which could adversely affect your case.

Q: Would my attorney fee be different for a case in federal court rather than state court?
A: No. If you are the defendant in the case or your case involves a business dispute, often the attorney fee is based on hourly rate. If your case involves personal injury or damages claims, your fee would still be that normally set in state court for personal injury, contract, business litigation, or the like. These include both hourly rate fees and contingency fees. This would be determined after consultation with the lawyer in office.


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